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PEI Blue Mussels

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PEI stands for Prince Edward Island, which is where these mussels originate. PEI mussels are rope-grown in the cold Canadian waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Blue PEI mussels are the cleanest, most consistently sized mussels available anywhere. Grown plump in the ceaseless current of the briny, phytoplankton-rich waters surrounding Prince Edward Island, in the Canadian Maritime Provinces. Once these mussels are harvested, they are washed and tumbled to remove any biofouling that may be on the shells, rinsed in a flow of chilled seawater to flush sand or grit from the meat, and "de-bearded" of any byssal threads on the shells.

These Mussels sold by Lobster Taxi are not cooked and need to be cooked before consumption.

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