How It Works

Let’s say you get a craving for not just any lobster, but a fresh Maine lobster. If you’re living in Maine or even on the East Coast, this might be an easy itch to scratch. But what if you’re in California or some other western state? What do you do? Wait until you visit the in-laws? Head to the airport and buy the first ticket to Maine? Well, you could — but who has the time, money, and freedom to take a trip to Maine on a whim? We’ve got a much more convenient solution — Lobster Taxi.


At Lobster Taxi, we ship fresh, wild-caught, live Maine lobsters overnight. Wondering how this is possible? Learn about how it works below.

Sourced Locally

The source of your food matters. We understand this at Lobster Taxi, and it’s why we have partnered with local Maine fishermen that we trust. Our partners have a deep understanding of the seafood industry and leverage this experience to sort through their haul and hand-select quality lobsters. This means that when you order your live Maine lobster, you can rest assured that you are getting a choice lobster that has been carefully chosen by an experienced fisherman.  

Packed Skillfully

“Is it really possible to have a live Maine lobster shipped overnight?” Absolutely! As a company striving to be at the forefront of live lobster delivery, we take tremendous pride in our ability to ship live lobsters in a quick, safe, humane, and dependable way. At Lobster Taxi, a lot goes into packaging your lobster and making sure they stay protected while on the journey to your home. Our logistics professionals pack your order in an insulated shipping kit that is specifically tailored to the contents of your order.

Shipped Carefully

Before we finalize your overnight live lobster delivery, each package is carefully inspected, using guidelines established by our FedEx partners. We have partnered with FedEx because we trust their services and have experienced first-hand their commitment to excellence. Even during the holidays and peak-shipping season, our customers are consistently satisfied and impressed with the shipping capabilities of our FedEx partners. Even in the rare event that there is a delay, the pros at FedEx are diligent with their communication and keeping you up to date on the status of your shipment.

Guaranteed Always

When you come to us for your live lobster delivery services, you can rest assured that we are going to follow through with our promise. We guarantee that your live Maine lobsters will arrive fresh, alive, and on the requested date. Great customer service has been our goal since the beginning. We work tirelessly to make sure your seafood delivery is delivered on time and with 100% satisfaction. If you are not happy with your order or something is missing, we will resolve the issue free of charge until you’re satisfied. At Lobster Taxi, we are passionate about two key things — 1) allowing people everywhere to experience the joy of fresh, live Maine lobster and 2) unrivaled customer service and satisfaction.

100% Quality

We could buy cheaper lobsters, but we don’t for a reason. We want the lobsters and seafood we send to you to be of the highest quality and as fresh as possible. To ensure that this is the result, we have put strict quality control standards in place, because at the end of the day, we care more about facilitating an amazing food experience for our customers than we do about boosting our profit margins.

Ready to order your live Maine lobster? We’re ready to send it overnight. Shop here!

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