Why Lobster Taxi’s Maine lobster are Better than Local Lobster

Many people ask us at Lobster Taxi, “Why should I order Maine lobster online rather than just go to my local supermarket and buy lobster frozen?” There are many answers for this question such as how Maine supposedly has the best lobsters or how tank lobster is not nearly as fresh as Lobster Taxi’s Live Maine lobster. All of Lobster Taxi’s lobster is only caught from Maine Lobster Fishermen right off the coast. Lobster Taxi also sells much more fresh seafood that is available straight from Maine. So here is why you should order Maine lobster online rather than local tank lobster.

Maine, being one of the earliest human settlements in the United States, is known for many great things, especially for its large clawed Maine lobsters caught right off the coast of Maine in the Atlantic Ocean. Maine lobster is a cold water lobster. People can identify this by their two large claws and white succulent meat. When someone orders from Lobster Taxi, their lobster (or anything that they order) is caught fresh and shipped overnight in a cooled box with some seaweed to simulate the Maine environment for the lobster. When a tank lobster is bought from a local supermarket, you have no idea how long ago it has been caught. Lobsters lose their flavor when they are in a tank or have been out of their environment for too long. When a lobster dies, the shell releases toxins, which can be poisonous to humans. Lobster Taxi guarantees all our lobsters arrive fresh and alive. Hopefully you can start to see the value in our Maine lobster rather getting supermarket tank lobster, but that's not all.

When people order our Maine lobster for dinner, whether for guests or on a special occasion, this can be quite nerve wracking and stressful if you haven't cooked too much Maine lobster before. When you order from Lobster Taxi, everything comes alive, fresh, and ready to cook straight out of the box with our easy to understand cooking instructions for every item of seafood in your order! When a dinner is prepared, you’ll want it to be the very best for your guests. If you were to buy a “tank lobster” at a local supermarket, that lobster is most likely not going be fresh. Lobster Taxi offers Fresh Live Maine lobster, alive upon delivery, guaranteed! Your guests will be blown away!

When ordering from Lobster Taxi, there is more to get then just Live Maine lobster, such as Maine Seafood, Chowders, Lobster Rolls, Lobster Tails and so much more. Local supermarkets could be out of stock or not even sell certain seafood you want with your lobster. With Lobster Taxi, everything is always available and caught fresh daily! Hopefully you are starting to see why Lobster Taxi’s “Maine lobster” is better than your local tank lobster. There are many reasons why ordering from Lobster Taxi is better than your local supermarket lobster and once you order, you’ll wonder why you haven't ordered from us already!




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  • we have ordered fresh lobsters and frozen tails and they have arrived on time, well packed and ready to cook! Thanks Lobstertaxi! Once you’ve had Maine products you’ll be hooked! (no pun intended)

    nancy grevich

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