Live Lobster or Frozen Lobster?

Should I order Live Lobster or Frozen Lobster? This is a very good question and there are many reasons and personal preferences that people have when it comes to ordering live lobster or frozen lobster. In this article, we will give you some reasons reasons why ordering live lobster or frozen lobster is great and then you can make your delicious decision. Live lobster and Frozen lobster are both caught at the same spot at the same times, so there is no difference in the lobsters at all! There are many different reasons why people would rather order frozen lobster, or rather order their lobster alive, it is definitely a personal preference, while keeping the fresh Maine taste between both of the options, here are some pros and cons.

Many people think that if they order frozen lobster, it will not be as fresh, this is not true, the lobsters can keep their flavors while frozen up to months. This is a very big reason why many people prefer ordering frozen lobster, if they can't eat it right away, you can always put the frozen lobster in the freezer and can stay in their for about five months. Ordering frozen lobster is also a bit cheaper due to shipping, the shipping will be an extra day because unlike live lobster, you don't need to worry about the lobster dying. Ordering live lobster on the on the other hand gives you more of that Maine experience as you open the box to a fresh live lobster that is caught straight from Maine the day before! The live lobsters are sent in special boxes with cooling packs and seaweed so the lobsters can still feel like they are in their environments. Frozen lobsters are sent in boxes with dry ice and cushioned packing to deliver it in it’s same shape and form while keeping it frozen and flavorful!

Ordering live lobster is definitely more of an experience, all sizes of live lobster come alive in box as you open it. This is the freshest way you can taste a lobster if you order online. (If you are wondering why you should order lobster online, then read our other blog post about why ordering lobster online is better than your local tank lobster). When ordering from Lobster Taxi, you are looking for the fresh Maine lobster available, this is why we offer Live Maine Lobster, this is the best someone can experience Live Maine Lobster anywhere in the United States. We offer Maine Lobster Tails (frozen) because if someone wants to cook it right away, or needs it for a party next weekend, this is be their best option, they just place it in the freezer and wait, that easy! Ready to cook? Thaw it out, place it in boiling water for about 6 minutes are enjoy. That easy!

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