The Home of Lobster

If you want lobster, you go to Maine. Maine is known worldwide for its passion for lobster. While being in the far Northeast of the United States, many people know the picturesque oceans and mountains that Maine provides. Being one of the oldest continuing industries in history, lobster fishing has dated back to the early English settler in the 1600’s. This was when the first lobster catch was documented. Many people traveled all over the world to try that fresh Maine lobster that everyone loves. There is always lobster being shipped out to families and food fanatics 24/7.

In Maine, over 110 million pounds of lobster is caught every year. Maine set new records by hitting 130 million pounds of lobster in one year. There have been new laws set in place for catching lobster in Maine. The main goal for all of these actions is to make sure this can be environmentally sustained. There is an estimated 5,600 licensed fisherman with over 300 dealers and processors of lobster. Then, of course, all the restaurants and shacks. This whole market runs all year long as well, so no breaks!

Many companies and restaurants are trying to change up the enjoyment process by creating new recipes and ways to enjoy the lobster. By adding lobster to a dish can add rich and exciting flavors. For all this love for lobster, there was a holiday created after it. National Lobster Day was created and set for September 25th as this is the highest time for the lobster industry. Make sure you do your role and celebrate this year’s lobster day with some fresh Maine lobster weather it's at home or in Maine!

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