The Difference Between Soft, Firm, and Hard Lobster Shells

At Lobster Taxi, we strive to answer all questions that customers ask. One of the most asked questions is about the lobster shells’. In a lobster's life, they will go through three stages of shell hardness. Here are some of the differences between the different shells.

The Soft Shell Lobster.

  • Soft shell will occur after a lobster has shed its old shell. It is now growing a new one creating more room for water to enter the shell when cooking.
  • Locals say to marinate them a bit before as it makes the lobster meat more tender.
  • The meat will be sweater, but also saltier with the water in the shell.
  • At the time of soft shell, the lobster prices will drop a bit as there is less meat in the shell and know that there is more water in the shell as well. These are all accommodated for in the going price of lobster.
  • Many like the soft shell as it is far more simple to crack due to the soft shell. This makes it easier when at the dinner table!
  • Locals will prefer soft shell more as it is easier in transit going to a shorter distance. The hard shell isn't as worth to buy for locals.

The Firm Shell Lobster.

  • Cracking open this lobster will not disappoint you with the amount of meat that's inside.
  • The firm shell lobsters are all very alike from the hard shell lobsters. They both do well in transit also.
  • The firm shell lobster is almost an in between from the other two shells. The meat in the middle is sweet like the soft shell, while the tenderness acts on more of the hard shell lobster.
  • Overall these firm shell lobsters are definitely better out of water compared to the soft shell. At lobster taxi, we try and choose only the hard and firm shell lobsters for our orders.
  • The Hard Shell Lobster.

    • At the end of a hard shell cycle, the lobster will be as if it was packed into its shell. This is the time with the most lobster meat in a lobster. This is the best tasting time of a lobster's life as well.
    • This is the preferred time to have a lobster in many’s eyes. The meat is not rough but it is firm, densely textured.
    • As there is the most amount of meat possible in the lobster, they will go up in price as you are paying for more meat as well as better meat.
    • When cooking lobster, it is known that a lot of water will get into it creating a mess when cracking it open, the hard shell having more meat allows less water for an overall better experience.
    • At Lobster Taxi, we ship only hard shell lobster as we want our customers to experience the best Maine lobster. It is also helpful that the hardshell stays much more secure in transit as we ship lobster all over the country!

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