The Difference Between Farmed Fish and Lobster Taxi’s Freshly Caught Fish and Shellfish

Lobster Taxi’s live Maine lobster is a delicacy and is enjoyed with respect, unfortunately, there is a thing called “Industrial Fish Farming”, this is a way to grow the fastest food production in the world. Poor fish are held in what they call “Farms” and are fed a certain diet and live an awful life. Fortunately, Lobster Taxi’s lobsters are caught wild, from the depths of the Atlantic Ocean. Here are some reasons why you should buy Lobster Taxi’s Wild Caught fish, rather than farm raised fish.

Not only is farm raised fish bad for the fish themselves, but it is also very harmful for our environment, destroying the coral reefs, generating bacteria, consumption of oxygen, etc.           Dr. Mercola comments on the significance of the problem, “Fish waste and uneaten feed further litter the sea floor beneath these farms, generating bacteria that consume oxygen vital to shellfish and other bottom-dwelling sea creatures. Farmed fish waste promotes algal growth that that harms the water's oxygen content, posing risks to coral reefs and other aquatic life. Reportedly, the Israeli government shut down two fish farms in the Red Sea after learning that they were promoting algal growth that was harming coral reefs.” This is a very big problem in our aquatic environment today, these fish are living terrible lives while destroying the oceans and harming other healthy fish.

Farmed raised fish can have many diseases such as sea lice, leukemia virus, piscine reovirus and more. Fish with diseases spreads faster than a wildfire upon other fish, this can also harm the  environment and kill many healthy, wild fish. Millions of farmed raised fish escape from their environments and get into the wild, this spreads the diseases into the wild and can harm the fish population massively. Fish that escape can mate with wild and healthy fish, causing a hybrid-born fish that is less viable and dies earlier than wild fish. All of Lobster Taxi’s fish is caught in the wild and checked to make sure the fish or lobster healthy and has no health problems.

The omega-3 fats in fish is very healthy for humans. Omega-3 fats are healthy in many ways and have many benefits for your body such as helping depression, asthma, Alzheimer's disease and dementia, etc. In farmed fish, omega-3 levels are reduced about 50%. For example, salmon may be fatter if it is farmed but contains much less healthful omega-3 fats and less protein. Lobster Taxi’s salmon and all fish come with the full amount of fats and proteins. Lobster Taxi’s goal is to offer the most fresh, wild, and healthy fish, so why buy farmed fish? There’s really no point!





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