How to: Butterfly Lobster Tails

So you got some lobster tails and you want them to look very presentable? You have come to the right place. If you have one to fifteen tails the quantity is not a problem. If you are steaming, baking, grilling, or roasting is not a problem. From backyard grilling to conventional kitchen stoves, butterflying a lobster tail is always the way to impress. You're able to prepare them in advance you store the tails in the refrigerator to up to an estimated six hours before your dinner. Then when your ready, cooking shouldn’t take long at all for those excited guests!

Butterfly lobster tails are great in so many ways as they also retain all the juice of the meat. Many lobster fanatics marinade in advance as it is very easy to do so. Before serving your butterfly lobster tails to your guests, it is recommended to further spread open the upper-shell to allow easier access to the tail’s meat when served.

How To Prepare!

The first thing you will need is seafood shears. Cut down the center of the upper-shell from the bigger end to where it meets the fins while using your fingers, pull apart the shell-halves to where they are split apart and you can see both sides of the meat. The tail should be separated in the middle with both pieces of meat in their own sides but still conjoined at the fin part of the tail. You will see the lobster tail meat a bit better by doing this. This enables the tail meat to absorb the smoky tastes of grilling, roasting, or baking. You are able to marinade in advance by basting while cooking, and watch as it starts to golden!

Insert lengthwise from under the fin to the large end metal skewers, if you have them, to help keep the lobster meat flat as it cooks. When it is done the cooking, you may remove the skewer.  The meat will stay flat and easy to enjoy on a guest’s plate.

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